• Analysis & reporting We believe in transparency and want our clients to see the results of our work. Our team will regularly share reports on your account performance so that you always stay in the loop. We analyze your metrics, determine what’s working – and what’s not – and make adjustments accordingly. Our customized reporting sheets with detailed information regarding your account will keep you on top of how our strategies are performing.
  • KEYWORD RESEARCH & ANALYSIS We research the most profitable keywords your product should rank for, including long-tail keywords that your competition hasn’t found. We even built our own piece of software to perfect this process!
  • COMPETITION ANALYSIS Analysing the potential profitability of a market is essential and will determine how many sales we need to make per day to rank for our pre-determined keywords. We use a competition analysis process that essentially allows us to reverse engineer how many sales competitors receive and what they do well/badly.

Sales Performance
Understanding how your product catalog performs is crucial to sales growth on Amazon. Our innovative technology gives us access to detailed reporting and analytics, so we can thoroughly analyze your catalog performance to identify opportunities that maximize profitability.

  • Target Audience: Understand the search behavior and pattern of your potential customers is the base for keyword research, as different prospects search different phrases for a single product.
  • Search Volume: Sometimes a difference of spacing or spelling can lead to a significant difference in the search volume. E.g.: Just a difference of “space” in the word Face Wash and Facewash is huge in terms of keyword volume.

Amazon’s Suggestion: Keywords suggested by Amazon’s auto-suggest drop-down are based on phrases used by buyers to search for a particular product. For a meticulous keyword expansion, use of those keywords is equally necessary