Inventory Management: monitoring both SFP (seller fulfilled prime) and FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Inventory levels to make sure you keep in stock and have products to sell on Amazon. We will keep track and update you about the low inventory products, out of stock products, high selling products while resolving the issues regarding stranded and suppresses inventory as well as the products not having buy box.

Order Management: Give your customers a seamless shopping experience because we will route the order status updates and manage late shipment rates and subsequent changes in orders like returns and refunds.

Amazon Logistics and Fulfilment: Whether you intend to go with FBA or not – we can assist and advise on logistics and fulfillment as well as analyzing sales trends over time and forecasting future product demand (essential if clients are using FBA)

FBA Fulfilment by Amazon

FBA Shipment Creation: Creation of shipment plans and shipping labels to deliver the products in Amazon warehouse plus constant follow up and verification if the shipment is safely received.

FBM Fulfilment by Merchant

SFP Seller Fulfilment Prime

Inventory Adjustments

Reimbursement Inventory